Meyzer Group is a leading private equity group with over a decade in business expertise.

Founded in 2008, Meyzer began as a private equity & venture capital group specialising in the technology and real estate sectors. 


Our investment activities often involve us spearheading capital raising efforts and leading the IPO processes for our portfolio companies. We have built up a sterling track record of leading successful investments and exits, including several prominent Initial Public Offerings and Reverse Take-Overs. 


Meyzer360 is the services arm of the Meyzer Group. Meyzer360 crystallises our Group’s deep experience with corporate processes, regulatory compliance and investor needs, and offers them as a comprehensive and forward-looking suite of services for today’s complex business landscape.


Aside from being experienced professionals, our reputation as savvy businesspeople has earned us a clientele which includes listed companies, ultra high-net-worth individuals and numerous leading companies worldwide.


Meyzer360 makes management seamless.

Business owners can get overwhelmed by complex compliance and technical issues.

Meyzer360 offers four categories of powerful and forward looking solutions for companies, aimed at empowering you to manage your business more effectively and focus on its growth.

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