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Singapore – One of the Best Countries to Live In

Looking for a safe country to live in with your family? There’s no need to look any further, as Singapore offers you and your loved ones the best possible security.

As one of the safest countries in the world, Singapore is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates. Upheld by a dependable police force and legal system that ensures the safety and quality of life for everyone living in the country.

According to Gallup 2019 Global Law and Order Report, almost 94% of people in Singapore feel safe walking the streets at night, against only 69% of the population around the globe.

Here are more reasons that make Singapore one of the best countries to live in:

Singapore has some of the World’s Best Living Facilities

High standard of living:

Singapore is a country with unmatched political stability. In addition to low crime rates, the country offers state-of-the-art healthcare and facilities, education, housing, recreation, and transportation options.

Singapore is also a commercial hub for cryptocurrencies, and some of the world’s most beautiful cities are located just a short flight away. Moreover, the standard of living here is affordable.

The country has currently secured the 5th position among the top 10 cities in Asia-Pacific when it comes to the standard of living.

World-class healthcare:

Healthcare is a necessity, and Singapore does not disappoint. When living in this country, you and your family members will be privy to international standard healthcare systems. The futuristic medical facilities can be conveniently accessed by private and public communities. Singapore presently holds a global rank as the country with the 2nd best healthcare system, with over 20 public polyclinics, 28 acute and community hospitals, and almost 2,000 private general practitioners.

Top-notch education:

If you’re moving to Singapore with your family, you might be curious about the education system. Singapore prioritizes quality in education. Having built a reputation as one of the finest education hubs in the world, Singapore has always remained famed for its excellence in mathematics and science. With local universities and tertiary institutions introduced across Singapore, the country is looking at a better world for its upcoming generation.

The nation is home to public and private schools, as well as pre-schools and tertiary educational institutions, while also accommodating almost 30 foreign system schools.

Singapore currently ranks 1st in the world in terms of school quality and infrastructure, 2nd in the world for science, mathematics, and reading. (1)

Easy commuting:

Singapore is equipped with the best commuting facilities technology has to offer. With carefully designed roads and fast-moving traffic, getting around Singapore is a cakewalk. It usually takes lesser than 1.5 hours to commute from east to west of the city by public transport like taxi, bus, train, or privately-hired cars.

Singapore is Promoting Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

The country has proactively taken up several eco-friendly measures to combat issues like global warming, climate change, and deforestation. You can enjoy life amidst nature – complete with nature reserves, tidal flats, mangroves and coral reefs. With hundreds of beautifully planned gardens and parks, Singapore is proud of the wide variety of natural flora and fauna, along with some famous otter families native to the region that has found a home here.

The award-winning Gardens of the Bay, as well as the first UNESCO Heritage Site, the famed Singapore Botanic Gardens, are some of the biggest highlights of the country. As a green city oasis, Singapore promises you (2):

  • 47% of land area covered in green space
  • 50,000 trees are planted every year
  • 10mins of walking time to a park from any household by 2030
  • Almost 300kms of 6 interlinking connectors between parks
  • The total size of nature parks to increase up to 550ha by 2030
  • Over 1,300kms of cycling path network projected by 2030


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