4 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring

What is the most valuable asset for any business? You are right if your answer is human resources. A company is essentially run by its employees, which is why it is so crucial to hire only the best. And while job seekers find it difficult to land an interview and secure a job, recruiters would […]

Advantages of Working from Home vs Working in the Office

2020 and 2021 have been two very different years, with the COVID-19 pandemic rampaging worldwide. With offices and institutions shut down, most of us were confined within our homes and forced to find alternative ways of getting things done – working from home. Now that situations have greatly improved, companies have asked their employees to […]

Why Do Fund Managers Hire Fund Administrators?

What is a Fund Administrator? A fund administrator is a third-party individual who serves clients and fund managers by independently investigating assets, available funds and verifying portfolio investment activities. Fund administrators are usually appointed for back-office activities, such as financial reporting, fund accounting, executing capital calls, distributions and investor communications. Fund managers hire fund administrators […]

The Definitive List of Best Countries to Open an Offshore Company

Starting an offshore company requires commitment, dedication and a practical understanding of the business logistics of the different countries around the world. However, the benefits of owning an offshore company often outweigh the cons. Offshore companies provide exclusive benefits, such as asset protection, flexible business laws, reduced tax liability, confidentiality, privacy, and more. To make […]

Japanese Chef Discovers a Million Flavours in Singapore

Every time Masanao Saito visits Maxwell Food Market for a meal, he flashes his signature grin and the hawkers immediately know what to prepare. At his go-to Chinese economical rice food stall, stall attendants begin preparing his favourite meal combo as soon as they see him standing in queue. They know the drill — a […]

Singapore — the Country Globetrotters Can Fit In and Still Stand Out

Jörg Dietzel, an advertising and branding veteran and an adjunct lecturer of the same at the Singapore Management University, has travelled, worked, and lived far and wide around the world, but he found a home when he arrived in Singapore in 2001. He finds Singapore beautiful and unique in how diverse cultures coexist so beautifully. […]

The Growth Of Family Offices In Singapore

As an increasing number of wealthy families transition to the next generation, there is a growing demand for family office structures to manage wealth and assets. Due to the everchanging international tax landscape, these families are looking to establish simple structures that With various developments in the international tax landscape, most families are looking at […]

Singapore Remains the Most Livable City for Asians

Singapore rightfully claimed its position as the most habitable city for Asian expatriates for the 14th consecutive year, according to a new survey. A number of factors were cited for having contributed to the Republic’s enduring appeal, a few of which include: “access to great facilities, a low crime rate, good quality healthcare and education, […]

Common Entrepreneur Mistakes

Most businesses fail within two years of launch. Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of new owners constantly make the same entrepreneur mistakes. Even Singapore, with its low-tax policies, business permissions and state-of-the-art infrastructure, has 30% of new ventures fail within the first three years of existence. The reason? Starting a businesses is a high-risk, […]

The Problem With Singapore Banks

Meyzer360’s Business Banking service assists international clients in the opening of multi-currency, global corporate bank accounts in Singapore, the UK, Hong Kong and Indonesia. To open a global bank account with Meyzer360, visit our page or contact us here. The Problem with Singapore Banks and How to Deal with It No. The Problem Our Solution […]